371st Red Hand Division
The Long March Home
My name is Anne Clarkson. I retired from the Army as a Captain in the Military Police Corps and I
am a Disabled American Veteran.

My interest in World War I and the 371st Division in particular began while I was still in the military
and stationed at Fort Jackson.  That was when I first heard the name of CPL Freddie Stowers, since
then my interest and research have continued. I have been so moved by not only what I have
learned but also what I have found woefully lacking. There is little, if any information available to the
public in general on World War I in most book stores and public libraries  and information of the
contribution of the African American soldier in particular is virtually nonexistent.  That I having been
said, you may now understand my compulsion to tell their story anywhere and everywhere I can.

This site will be an ongoing work in progress, constantly changing, created in with the hope of
correcting in some small part the tragic waste of history that I have discovered.  There is not only a
gross lack of information but very often I have found that when the 371st as well as its sister units
are spoken of it is   often mentioned within a hog podge of errors and misinformation which does a
terrible disservice to those men who fought so valiantly and selflessly for a country that, at the time,
would not even permit them to die beside their white fellow Americans.

I firmly believe that in this case silence most assuredly is deadly, it is killing a large piece of our
National History and we need to sit up, take notice and make an effort to save it.  Believe it or not
this is not an expensive endeavor, all it cost is your time and an ability to read.  To that end, I have
set up this website in order to share part of what I have learned and I invite anyone who shares my
interest to join me in the quest to tell the story of the 371st, and her sister units and their incredibly
long march home.